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Shield --Driving School is a complete driver’s education program. Our police officer involved training courses brings a substantial level of knowledge and trust into the classroom from their experience in traffic and law enforcement, accident reporting and community service. Each police officer instructor on our staff has a minimum of 10 years experience, many with 20+ years.

Each of our instructors take driver’s education as a personal commitment to making our new drivers ready to get behind the wheel. This teaching excellence is no more apparent then from the parents themselves who, not only bring their second or third child back for drivers education with Shield Driving School over the years, but also are very vocal in their recommendation to other parents. This trust in our driver's education program shows in that no other driving school can show current DOL stats that they are better than us.

We offer a variety of training programs including first time teen and adult drivers classes, refresher courses, private lessons, driver assessments, RV training programs and WA State certified DOL written and skills testing.