Choosing a Driver's Education School

Become a driver is one of the biggest steps that everyone takes in their lives. Being a driver offers many freedoms but comes with many responsibilities. Choosing the right driving school can make a big difference.

You get what you pay for. A great motto but choosing the more expensive schools doesn't mean the best instructors. Ads on Craig's List and similar sites to get the cheapest instructor that can pass the testing to become an instructor may be acceptable to other schools, but that does not work for Shield Driving School.

Our Police Officer involved training means that our classes aren't just driven by what's written in a training book. Police officers receive specialized training in traffic laws, accident investigation and more, even before they spend a day on duty. Several of our instructors have over 20 years as police officers and our lead instructor is an active officer with 34 years of experience. We are able to take this experience and provide a safety based course that uses situational instruction to involve the students into thinking about more than just red means stop and green means go.

Everyone in our schools wants new drivers to be safe and get the best driver's education possible. We won't pass a student unless they earn it. Our DOL examiners don't know if they are testing one of our student. We expect every student that graduates from our school will be as prepared as possible to obtain their license and be safe as a new driver!

Thank you for considering Shield Driving School. Please contact us with any questions you may have about our classes and our school.