RV Training

Most RV accidents happen because the driver is unfamiliar with his coach or does not understand the rules of the road as they apply to large vehicle operation.

It's fun traveling with your RV as you explore the different regions of the country. However, it can be dangerous if you are not familiar with the differences that your RV's weight, size, and visibility demands of your driving. The transition from driving the family car to driving an RV is different, but not necessarily difficult.

What Will You Learn?

  1. One on one with an instructor in your RV
  2. Classroom instruction
  3. On-the-road training including freeways and city streets
  4. Learning to drive and back a motorhome or trailer through cones
  5. Depth perception awareness
  6. Managing a large vehicle in adverse weather conditions

Defensive driving requires all drivers to think ahead. This is even more important for RV drivers than for drivers of passenger vehicles. An RV driver must be continually aware of the traffic around the vehicle because directional changes are slower and the RV needs more space in traffic.

Packages start at $399 for a 4 hour training session. Please contact us for more information on costs and space availability.